Break Free of winter

Welcome all to my first Blog post. First, let me say Thank You for viewing. For now it will be short and sweet so please check back again. I will be updating soon with tons of pages of helpful Travel information. I have years of experience and with a little light humor can take you on an adventure. Maybe you are just looking for a mental vacation with some spectacular scenery. You also will be given valuable information to make your trips less stressful, more affordable and better organized. Questions are welcome and if I don’t have an answer I will help you find one.

About Atouristlife

I am a Certified Travel Associate (CTA), having earned my designation from The Travel Institute, the oldest and most respected non-profit certification organization in the travel industry. I have also earned my CCC and ACC from CLIA the Cruise Line Industry Association as well as multiple other certifications. Let me help create your best experience. Know that you can contact me personally, not a call center if you have an issue during your trip. Things happen, weather happens but I care about you because I know you. I have a vast network of connections to help with all of your needs. I am regularly traveling and educating myself on new destinations and visiting with my suppliers to keep offering Value and Amenities to my Clients. “It’s all about the Journey” Making your dreams a reality. #atouristlife These credentials require that I have at least 18 months of travel industry work experience, completed rigorous certification and testing, and continue to fulfill stringent education credit requirements each year. Much like an accountant or doctor with their respective credentials, my CTA designation means that I am committed to upholding the highest standards of my profession while providing expert advice to my customers.

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  1. Looking forward to it!!! Love the picture!


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