Walt Disney World Quick Tips

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Book a Disney World Hotel, register on the Disney website. There are nice free maps and planners they will send you. Also you can make dinner reservations and plan out your day before you arrive (weeks in advance not days). I know it sounds crazy but I promise this is a must. Plan what park you think you will visit on what day and reserve your favorite place to eat. You can reserve more than one  restaurant  as long as the times are different this way if you are to far away to get to one there is always the other so spread it out on your map.  On that day when you have a better idea of your time schedule you can stop in any restaurant and cancel the extra. Usually you can show up 45 min early or late and you are still golden. If you have NO reservation you may never eat. I found this out first hand and after paying big bucks for a food plan it was infuriating. You can almost always make a change to an existing reservation.

Fire show at Epcot

Fire show at Epcot

 If you book their hotel you are automatically going to get the White glove airport pick up at no additional charge and you can still cancel with no fees even a few days before. Tickets for the parks can be purchased when you arrive. Your hotel has a concierge that will help you. You can also buy discounted tickets . I advise individual days as they do not expire. If you did cancel at the last-minute you could still use them at another time or resell them. Airfare, if that is your method of transportation usually can be exchanged but must be used up within the year. More helpful airline information is available. If your dates are flexible you can use Disney’s booking website to compare seasons the cost difference can be astounding. Also check the show schedules , often things are only on specific days so that may be a deciding factor. Some shows can only be accessed from within the specific park or with additional show tickets. Look closely at the Disney Maps they are helpful for selecting your Disney Hotel. If you are only visiting a couple of parks you may be able to stay at one of their hotels with nearby transportation or a back entrance for guests it will cut down on the time you will otherwise waste on a Disney bus. An example of this is, The Polynesian Resort is within WALKING distance of the Magic Kingdom or that Epcot is accessible by Boat if you are staying a The Beach Club Resort, The Board Walk Inn or the Yacht Club Resort. Down Town Disney can be accessed by boat from Port Orleans and Old Key West. If you are a seasoned Disney visitor like me you may wish to try a behind the scenes tour. I love the exotic things available at the different hotels but the pools are never warm enough for me.

My Favorite Place

My Favorite Place
” Haunted Mansion”


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