Heading Home at last

Finally we are landing again in Baltimore. The Pilot announces we can turn on our electronics. I get a text from Southwest saying our flight is delayed. Before I can finish reading the first text another one shows up. Our connecting flight was delayed twice due to a fire in the air control tower in the Chicago airport. Our flight was supposed to leave at 9:30 pm and did not leave until 12:30 am that is one airport you don’t want to be stuck in. We went for dinner and were eventually asked to leave so they could close. Then we headed for the coffee shop to find they closed also. Even the security staff was nowhere to be found. The people we were traveling with smoke and when they went out for a cigarette there was no one to let them back in. I had tried to get the airlines to get us a different flight and was told nothing was available until morning. I also asked for a hotel and was told they were all booked. We eventually took off for home after the pilot loaded the handicapped passengers (I told you the Airport staff was gone). We landed around 1:30 am I was so glad I had reserved my hotel for the return. We slept until nearly check out time. Traveling is always an adventure but this was exhausting. I would like to say you learn from your mistakes but the only mistake I can see is that after the first disaster we didn’t turn around and run for home.


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I have moved a lot in my lifetime. I also love cars, so loving travel is logical. My first attempt at being my own travel agent came after an exasperating experience in 2001. I had booked a Disney Vacation Package it was to be our first far away vacation as a family and my children’s first visit to Disney World. Through our travel agent I made the arrangements which included a direct flight, transportation, and our hotel with trip insurance. We were scheduled to fly out in November 2001 but then September 11th happened and that changed everything. First there were a lot of air restrictions besides being afraid to travel. I made some calls to see what would happen and found out the flights would be changed. The regulations no longer allowed for any direct flights due to concerns of hijacking and carrying too much fuel. I called the travel agent to cancel and was told the insurance did not cover that type of cancellation. I was furious. What was the point of paying for the Insurance? I was told we could possibly call the airlines for a credit and drive, which was not an option. After weeks of worrying we made the trip. The flight originally was 4hrs but now took 21 hrs but we had a great time. From then on I am the only one in charge of my travel arrangements. Insurance is still a very smart purchase as long as you are educated on what it covers and choose the best option for you. One size does not fit all, I am here to help you make the best informed decisions to benefit your lifestyle and budget , contact me today. Check out my Disney Quick Tips and many other adventures.

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