On to the Cruise

After a few fun days in Seattle (I will post a page on things to do in Seattle) we finally headed to the Port for our Alaskan Cruise. This was our second visit but with a few changes. As I mentioned after our earlier Plane troubles there was a change in our cruise itinerary as well due to engine trouble. Originally we were scheduled for Skagway, Ketchikan, Juno and Victoria. Because of the engine trouble we could not go fast enough to make it to Skagway and instead we went to Sitka. It was a nice change but our traveling companions really missed out. On our way back to Seattle the last port we stop in is Victoria but guess what? We could not visit Victoria either there was not enough time, engine trouble. We just could not catch a break. Finally we arrived back in Seattle. We were scheduled to debark very early to catch our flight. When we got our luggage, I had a damaged bag. We had to wait nearly twenty minutes for someone to fill out the paperwork to file a claim when I got home. Finally we head out to the bus that is now full and there we sat waiting for a driver. Most of the other buses were leaving ahead of us. This guy gets on the bus with two bottles, one he takes a swig of and puts in the overhead and takes the other with him. He gets back off the bus wanders around and gets back on the bus. Finally he starts the bus and heads out never saying anything to a soul. By now we are about the last bus and nearly about to miss our plane. We pull in to the Airport and we stop. I recognize the area, we were dropped off here our previous trip. There is a lot of construction at the airport and this is the wrong drop off spot. Now he drives around the airport again and heads into an area with huge signs that said DO NOT ENTER. He pulls into the lot, parks and gets off the bus to talk to a couple of airport employees that are sitting outside. He is clearly in no hurry. Everyone on the bus is now having a LOUD discussion, wondering why he doesn’t  know where to go. We are all going to be late if he goes around the airport again. The ticket entrance is in front of us but the buses are not permitted to stop at the curb there. I decided I was getting off there and everyone agreed. I got off the bus first and yelled at the driver to get the F…….g Bags out now! We were not giving him a choice. Sorry but this guy was a jerk. The entire trip he never spoke to anyone not even to apologize for being lost. Because this was not a drop off spot we had to drag our suitcases back away from the terminal to get to the ramp but we made it. Even though we all had several large bags my husband still managed to drag two more bags that belonged to an older couple. I never understood how you could send an idiot like him to drive a timed route. Earlier we had all commented on the bottles he had, joking about one being alcohol. I am not so sure it was a joke. When we finally got home I called the Cruise Lines to report him and received credit back for the cost of the Bus. We barely got to the plane on time. Believe it or not the drama isn’t over yet. Continued …..Alaska Cruise D2 485

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