Isla Roatan

Today’s photos are of our Honduras trip. I will admit we were a little skeptical at first since the only things I know of Honduras is poverty and the need for basic things like clean water.

We took a bus from the Cruise Ship through a poor neighborhood to a small pull off where we then got on a nice little tour boat. As they were loading us up a Jet landed literally a few feet away. I thought it was going to land on us. The main airport is right there and the runway ends at the waterway we were navigating. The captain of our boat felt the need to mention how on occasion the planes overshoot the runway and guess where they end up? Our little trip down the canal was nearly pointless. The Island was within sight just as we rounded the corner. I guess it is really meant to keep the animals from escaping. We chose this excursion mostly for the beach and island feast but they also have a replica of mayan ruins. Isle Roatan 2013 2013-11-14 046

There was a fairly nice nature preserve with wild animals, including monkeys and some tropical birds. When we arrived we headed down to the beach for some sun but gave up tanning. There were a lot of ants and the water had a lot of garbage floating around so we chose not to snorkel.Isle Roatan 2013 2013-11-14 039 We enjoyed the animals and all of a sudden we were in a torrential downpour. Since we were already soaked we decided to head around to the bar and grab a drink and go for a swim in the pool. I guess I forgot to mention it was very warm so the rain was not unwelcome. The poolside bar had buckets of assorted local beers so I got some and WOW I have never had such COLD beer it was awesome. Ok most beer is awesome in my book but really it was a treat. My traveling companions all helped drink them and they never drink beer. I know everything sounds great. While we were sitting around I noticed several of the guys walking by had a lot of small red welts on there back. I heard them talking about it and I was glad we only went in the pool. I found out later that night we all had the same welts some were itchy so I guess they were bites.Isle Roatan 2013 2013-11-14 050 I don’t think I will be eager to visit there again anytime soon. I am use to sand fleas and noseeums and know how to avoid most bites, I do not know what they were. We did not look real attractive for the Captains Dinner back onboard the ship. Always an adventure the time goes by to quickly.

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