Off Season in Atlantic City

Everywhere you look you notice cost cutting. There is no longer a water show at the large mall on the boardwalk. I realize this could be expensive but why not use solar or water power there is a whole ocean right there. I would think if any of the hotels attempted to be more eco-friendly they may be eligible for a tax break or additional funding.

Every year at the end of February or beginning of March about a dozen of us take a trip to Atlantic City. Normally the weather is a little warmer than where we’re from so it’s a good spring escape. This year, was most likely our last. We always stay at the Tropicana it is another world all on its own with nearly a dozen restaurants and high-end stores inside. Unfortunately, check in as a bus passenger is a pain in the a_ _ . Our room keys are not ready until 5:00 pm and then almost always screwed up. The wrong people were listed together so luggage was in the wrong rooms and as usual people who asked for smoking rooms were put in Non-smoking. Several attempts were made to call the front desk but we were hung up on. I also emailed a contact (manager) I had from a previous issue, but received no response. Our personal room key was not available until 5:30 but when we got to the room it was still dirty. Our bags had been put in the room anyway. The nice gentleman from housekeeping said he would clean ours next. When we were all on the bus ready to head home the next day the wrong luggage was loaded so they unloaded it. Next another cart of luggage was brought out but again was the wrong stuff. Finally they got the correct one on the third try however there was a missing bag that held us up for 45 min. I am tired of Companies that complain about the economy being the reason for their loss of business when it is obvious that customer service is lacking. We have always chosen the Trop because of the cost. Currently we are losing EIGHT hours or more in a 24 hr period. This explains the discounted rooms. I would think in that eight hours they could hire enough staff to clean the rooms. The ratio of security guards per patron was suddenly very high so I guess that is where their money went. I personally know the value of consistently good customer service. I will pay a little more for it especially if we are given more time in our rooms. My entire life I have been in some form of customer service so when it is poor, I notice. For the same reason, I feel I am very lenient. I laugh when many of our local businesses go overboard competing with each other in an attempt to have super customer service in the winter only to go back to the usual in the summer when they think we need them more than they need us.  Do you have a similar pet peeve? Please feel free to share.

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