It’s a wonderful sunny day in Downtown Norfolk, temperature 70 most of the day. It is a very busy city and lucky for us we were not heading to the Airport yesterday as there was a traffic back up for miles. Taxis your main option of transportation still manage to over charge by taking what they call the shorter way which actually takes longer and costs more. The Uber app will tell you it costs $17.90 from the Airport to Downtown when you actually are charged $ 28.50

The Residence Inn is a fairly central location, if you don’t mind a little excercise. We were able to walk to the Pier where the USS Wisconsin is. wpid-wp-1445457699194.jpeg


There is a wonderful walkway along the waterfront and several other tourboats, dinner cruises and a ferry.


Granby Street nearby offers many dining options for both lunch and dinner. Just a few doors down from the local community college is a local coffee shop hangout called A Latte Cafe. We had a quick bite for lunch, it’s no frills self service but fair prices and fresh ingredients.



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