The Aftermath

Black Friday….. no, Thanksgiving Thursday. I know this subject is a little out of character for my blog but I felt the need to share. I have been Black Friday Shopping in the past, but this is the first year I went to Walmart Thursday after dinner. It was a scramble to get through dinner , dessert and put away the leftovers so we could head to the store. We went out to the car, it was warm , no snow and it was still daylight. Shortly after we arrived at the store ,we each went a different direction to obtain a wristband for our desired items. Now we have another forty-five minutes until we can start filling our carts so we just start visiting with random strangers while we wait. 6 PM and we’re off , back to the place we started to trade our wristband for the item. Now I can’t see over my cart since it is full of two televisions. I headed back around to pick up a few more items squeezing through the isles. I made my way to the front to pay and sent that load to the car. I headed back in with a little basket to pick up a few more things. Not having  a cart made getting around much easier.

The point of this story is Walmart and other stores that opened on Thanksgiving have taken a lot of grief for choosing to do so. I want you all to know that my experience was a very positive one. I did not hear a single cross word or complaint from anyone. People were patient with each other and helping each other. The employees seemed super excited to be there , a lot of them in our area need that overtime to afford their own holiday shopping. Maybe this was a fluke or the result of everyone being in a Turkey comma. Maybe it’s because they just finished a day of feeling Thankful, whatever it is I think it will be our ” New Tradition.”

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