Better late than never 

So I promised to elaborate on my Hotel from Hell , sorry it took so long but I wanted to be sure I didn’t have any further negotiations with them first. 

I have stayed several times in Saint John and have two favorite hotels. Sometimes my decision is based on cost other times convenience but I have always been happy and had a clean room and felt safe. 

Since I am a Travel Agent I decided to try a different hotel as my clients deserve as many choices as possible and who better to be the Guinea Pig. I saw a better rate for the Delta and I knew the exact location , perfect for access to the nightlife downtown. I saw room photos they had posted on the website, beautiful and shiny new. I booked it but was still reluctant, in the back of my mind there was this nagging feeling I had a reason not to have previously stayed there.

We pulled in to the valet area , no valet but that was okay I wanted to park myself anyway so I would have easier access to put my purchases in the car later . I pulled off to the side and went in to check in the lobby was nice and several guests were checking in. I had actually checked in online so everything was ready and I was handed an envelope with my room keys and told how to get to my room from the parking garage. When we drove out from the Valet area we had a very difficult time finding the entrance to the garage since in was under construction. Finally we parked and started lugging bags across the garage and down several halls which takes you out into the shopping mall that it is connected to. 

As we are entering the actual hallway to the rooms I am noticing an old stale smell and tired carpets and paint. When putting our key into the door lock it appears like someone tried gaining entry with a crowbar at some time. Now inside the room a feeling of gloom hits me and I feel trapped. I knew our usual hotels were not available, I had looked earlier in the week and driving back to Maine still that night was also out of the question. I am now sorry I didn’t take photos but wanted out as soon as possible. The beds both looked like someone either just got out or was actually still in them. We went over and uncovered them to view the sheets , they were possibly clean but I wasn’t taking any chances the comforters were all lumpy and it looked like someone left in a hurry. A child could have done better making the bed. 

My husband was now looking under the beds and discovering all kinds of junk, dirty coffee cups, papers , we also found what looked like covers from Syringes. The bathroom was also dirty. I called the front desk and politely  told them this was unacceptable.  I was told they would have to move a few reservations around and call me right back. After a few minutes I was told someone would be up to move us shortly. There was a nock on the door and a Lady (the manager ) escorted us all the way around the hall to another room. I am not sure if it was suppose to look like we went somewhere great but it was actually only about 3 doors from where we started. She opened the door and I was speechless, it was no different than the last room , actually worse as there was a huge crack in the toilet and tiles were coming off the tub walls. I asked if we would be charged if we chose not to stay and if she minded if I made a few calls to find another hotel, she was fine with that and said she understood and was sorry. I tried calling but kept getting a busy signal and my app for the other hotel said they were booked full but hoped a call would be a different answer. I gave up left out things in the room and went to the front desk to use the phone which they even dialed for me. When I called and gave them my name , I was relieved to hear oh you’ve been here before I have a room for you. We grabbed our stuff , replaced the car and left as fast as we could. 

When we were checking in at the other hotel they were apologizing for the mess since they were remodeling . I could care less it was a wonderful sight after our last stop. I had told them what happened when I called and even got a super discounted rate even though at that point I would have been happy to pay double. 

I have since received two emails from the hotel apologizing and they insist they were remodeling. I later discovered I was right to be skeptical and had read similar reviews years ago which is why I hadn’t stayed there in the past. I do know that the photos on the website are not photo shopped they are also not rooms at that hotel. I couldn’t believe no one else was having a problem with it I realize standards are often measured differently outside the US but didn’t expect it from a Marriott Affiliate Hotel.    

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