What is this world coming to?

A little off topic in honor of peace.

How many times have you heard that statement? Are you someone who is asking just that?

We are partly responsible for the outcome. It is not a new saying, our Parents and Grandparents said the same thing. Does that mean we are becoming just like them? No it means we are hopefully becoming responsible adults and as parents or grandparents are concerned for the future. That is part of the problem, we are not doing enough to teach good family values. Most of us feel we are doing a good job and that the busy society we live in is controlling how we spend time with family. Stop making excuses and start making choices, ultimately we are to blame. How can we change you ask; that is up to you.

I am not trying to tell you how to live your life just that all of us are guilty of something. We can do better, we have to.

Think about the days when only one person in the household worked. Talk to your elders listen to the stories and ask, if they look back what was important to them? What made them rich? How did they gain knowledge?

We can’t go back and we don’t really want to. Technology is a wonderful thing but remember it is also the reason we are aware of what goes on around us. We need to use this information to make educated decisions not fuel a fire we cannot control.

Social media can be great for keeping up with those you hold dear that maybe far away. It’s especially heart warming when it helps find your lost dog or a missing person. But just because you are now friends with old high school classmates is not a reason to share your intimate details.

 Think before you post …. Pre social media, even if the call was free would you pick up the phone to tell your not so favorite class mate that you just had a fight with your husband or that you bought new shoes?

Everyone has Cajones on Social Media and it is adding to our unstable world.
Be kind or be quiet since most likely there is more to the story.

How many times as a teen did you write a letter that was hurtful only to feel terrible later. As the saying goes “The Pen is mightier than the Sword” how true.


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