National Women’s Day 

Is there a National Men’s Day ? If not we better invent one. We are after all, superior so planning ahead is just common sense. 

Women have eyes 👀 in the back of their head. 

Women can watch television and multi task. 

Women can have babies, I imagine we may soon be sharing that with men soon enough , then there will be complaining.

Ok my stereotyping is over, all in good fun. Really you know we’re awesome.

Women have a super day


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  1. Hazel Cauthen

    As a graduate of an all-women’s college and the mother of four daughters, I am probably best described as a “male chauvinist” in a female body. I also have a great affinity for men, especially “my man,” given we’re coming up on 58 years of marriage.

    In my opinion, working women are totally unprofessional in taking off a day of work to make their point. If that had happened in our company, they would have been terminated, for good reason.

    I am also the proud (sinfully proud) mother-in-law of four exceptional sons-in-law about whom I say, “I got my boys after they were housebroken and civilized.” Add to that, six grandsons and three granddaughters, all of whom are the loves of my life.

    Women are demonstrating a victim mentality. When our four daughters were growing up, the rule was, “You may scream and yelI, you may slam doors and drawers, BUT YOU MAY NOT WHINE. Whining is akin to a victim mentality.

    That’s what the feminists have become: whiners. How very sad.


    • Not sure what point you are making but I am not here to stop opinions. I don’t remember saying anything about a day off that is what happens when people take things to literally. Enjoy your wonderful family and be proud.


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