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Travel, Vacation, Holiday what ever you may call it. What does it mean to you?
Time to enjoy family and friends, or relax and see the world. Vacation means different things to different people but one thing is a constant “It’s WORK.”
Have you ever sat down and figured out how much time you spend looking for places to go and places to stay. Then more time on how to get there and how to pay for it. And “LADIES” we know in addition to all that research we also have to pack for our children and that includes the “Big Ones.”
On average according to several different research companies prospective travelers spend between 46 and 60 hours minimum, researching before they travel. Do you have that much time to waste? If you do are you sure you found Reputable places to spend your hard earned money.
I spent a lot of time over the years doing just that. I decided to go in to Business as a Travel Planner and have obtained connections with the Top Companies in the Industry that use only Vetted suppliers to insure your satisfaction. So take the WORK out of your vacation and let me do the planning for you.
Check out my website and have a look around, there are answers to lots of questions and many travel options. When you are ready email me or just sign up for email blasts on specialized travel locations you may be interested in at a later date.


One of the most important pieces of information I obtain for ANY vacation is,how I will get my STARBUCKS . I must have my coffee. I like it strong and black. I hate waiting in line behind the half/caf skinny blah blah blah. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen as they say. Next I do a search in the area I am staying to see where the nearest Starbucks is located. On occasion,there will not be any. I have a fix for that. I always bring a bag of French Roast with me and include an assortment of different filters to fit any machine the Hotel has available. I have suggested to Starbucks offering a passport to fill showing all the Starbucks you have visited. I use my Gold Rewards card but it only gets me the occasional free coffee and then only if the location participates and is not independently owned. I would like people to know that I have visited Starbucks from Seattle to The Bahamas and beyond. In the unlikely event there are no Starbucks or available coffee  brewers, I check the local hangouts for the good stuff. I have found great coffee in Alaska in a few places. And in Jamaica luckily the first thing I smelled when we stepped off the ship was the coffee. Being a connoisseur of all things coffee, I have previously tried coffee from all over the world and usually know what to look for. When I have run out of all these options I just go for the double esspresso.

Seattle Series part 1

Getting there is always a challenge. This was my second tricruise 2 Dec 2011 002p to Seattle. Even though I am from a small rural community there is just something I love about Seattle. The people around me think I am nuts. I was born too late to be a hippie and too early to be a goth. The Airport is over an hour away from home so I always book a room at my favorite hotel, the parking is free as long as you are a guest and they drive you to the airport and pick you up. It doesn’t cost much more than you pay for Airport parking.

We got up and headed to the Hotel and the fun begins. We are on the interstate when suddenly the van in front of me goes through a pot hole which causes a huge chunk of asphalt to launch in the air towards us. It was at least as large as a softball and I could not avoid being hit. First it bounced off my hood then hit the windshield and broke up. Somehow pieces also hit the underside of the vehicle. I did not have time to waste filing a report so we kept on going. I was furious it is a brand new vehicle and that highway has needed repair for years. Miraculously when we arrived and looked over the car there was no visible damage. Next we are being dropped at the Airport and there is a motorcade of bikes. We check our bags and see what we only assume to be a military funeral. As we are clearing security we asked what was going on. There were news crews filming also. They were all there to send off a lot of Veterans to Washington, they call it an honor flight. Now guess whose plane they were on? We get to the gate to find two large rows of wheel chairs. So much for the early bird fee we paid for. Too bad no kids in need of a book report were on board, it was better than Google. Finally we are all buckled in. Believe it or not those guys got seated faster than your usual travelers. Too bad we couldn’t stay seated. The pilot said there was a warning light on and it needed to be checked out so we would be about 15 minutes late. (To be continued…..)

The Baggage Battle

Knowledge is power it is true. Read your airlines baggage restrictions and carry on policy. Even if you use one of those airlines with FEES you are usually allowed 2 carry on bags per person. This is one small suitcase (they provide the dimensions) and a personal item such as a purse for a lady or a back pack for a man. Make use of this free space but be sure you know the rules, including what you can carry in them. I am always amazed at how clueless people are. When it says 3 oz or less they mean it. No you cannot bring a 16oz bottle of shampoo just because it is unopened and it cost you $ 29.99. If you are checking several bags I strongly suggest you split up your belongings equally between the bags. Have a complete change of clothes in each, then if one of your bags gets lost (does that really happen?) you will not be stuck with a bag full of shirts and socks while your pants and underwear are still flying the friendly skies. On some occasions I have decided against a large carry on for fear it will slow me down if I have connecting flights with little time in between. In this case I still carry at least a change of socks and underwear in my purse. Most hotels can get you a toothbrush and razor, one more day in your jeans won’t hurt you. I also like to put as much as possible in very large zip lock bags because during heavy rain and snow the suitcases can get very wet. Also if TSA picks your bags to search, you are less likely to lose things. I always save the nice clear zipper bags my sheets and blankets come in they work great. I put my zip code and post office box number in permanent marker on the bags as well. When you claim your baggage at the carousel if you notice any damage you must report it before you leave if you want the airlines to replace your bag. They will fill out a report and then you can follow up when you get home.

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