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Grand Turk 

The largest of 40 small islands that makes up Turks and Caicos with an average temperature between 80 and 84 degrees.

In several locations you can see clear across the island to the other side. This fairly flat island is less than 7 square miles.

The first documented discovery was in 1512 by Ponce de Leon although many believe, Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492.

A monument in his honor has been erected in Cockburn Town. 
Features JAGS McCartney International Airport near John Glen Drive. Astronaut John Glen’s space ship splashed down in the atlantic ocean in 1962 just of the coast of Grand Turk and a replica is placed here, just a few months later Scott Carpenter also splashed down. 

Over 150 years ago The Grand Turk Lighthouse was brought over from the UK to cut down on shipwrecks on the reefs.

Donkeys and even a few horses run wild here and are protected. You can see these are accustomed to daily visits from the Calypso Tram.

Tourism is the main business , the locals are friendly and appreciative of the people.

It’s For Sale with an Ocean View. 

Snorkeling & Diving are plentiful.


Bonaire 🇧🇶

We continue with #Bonaire. As you can see from the photos it is beautiful. There are alot of hotel casino properties along the waterfront. The area is known for its salt flats and attracts flamingos.

Did you know that flamingos are born white? The minerals in the salt give them the pink color. 

 These are slave huts. Since it took nearly a day to walk here to work, slaves lived here during the week. 

There are continuous changes here on the island. New hotels and clearing of old , there are no hurricanes but they still receive damage from high tides during the rainy season.

Bonaire is a popular dive spot , a boat is not required due to the way the shore is you can just walk into the water. 

Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

I love to visit new places and people and learn first hand about other cultures. Traveling by cruise ship is a simple way to do this. Many may choose the candy coated version but I like to venture out and see things for what they are.

If you like jewelry Amber and Larimar are both very prevalent here. There are museums dedicated to them.

With that in mind it surprises me how many people choose here to visit for long vacations. I found the majority of people we interacted with unfriendly and not wanting to bother with tourists.

We still enjoyed our time, the first day at a resort being pampered on the beach. If you never left this little bit of paradise your golden.


The following day we visited La Romana this area exists because of shell oil and Paramount Pictures. Several movies have been filmed here along the river , Rambo , Predator , Anaconda and more.



Also overlooking the Charon River is the Village of Altos de Chavon with many cobblestone pathways leading to the Archeological Museum , and The Famous School of Design. The Church of St. Stanislaus Consecrated in 1979 Pope John Paul II sent the ashes of Poland’s patron saint, St. Stanislaus , and a hand carved statue to commemorate the church’s inauguration .  

Many famous movie stars have been married here as well as held there receptions in the courtyard.


 The Amphitheater, inaugurated in 1982 by Frank Sinatra has since hosted dozens of famous performers such as Sting, Elton John, Marc Anthony , Andrea Bocelli, Julio Iglesias and many more. Today this theatre is still a very important part December 30th, 2016 Enrique Iglesias performs.

Next we continue on to Bonaire and the salt flats. This was a very beautiful view from the ship with clear blue waters and colorful surroundings. During our journey, especially when we find a location we may want to return to , we asked about the crime among other things. We were told the crime is relatively low (relative to what I wonder as all of the businesses had bars on their windows.) 



Who says you can’t be an international traveler ? You don’t need to fly to see the world. My most recent adventures are heading up the coast of Maine all the way to Nova Scotia. This is an area we travel to often but this time decided to go a little further than our usual stop in New Brunswick. 

To break up the long hours I usually stop over in Bangor, Maine it’s a quaint area ,we always stop at Sea Dog Brewing for dinner and a walk along the waterfront. The occasional times we don’t quit there we continue on to St. Andrews,  a little fishing village with whale watching tours , charming shops and a historic park and Lighthouse. If you have followed my Facebook page you have probably seen photos I have posted in the past. If not, search this blog for New Brunswick and you will find  St. Andrews , Saint John and St. George .

With our final destination Halifax still over a full day away, I found an additional place to stop over. Moncton which has several hotels was booked full so we stayed in nearby Shediac the Lobster Capital of the world. Since it was raining and we had a few hours to kill before check in we made a pit stop at the Moncton Casino.

Early to rise again and head to Nova Scotia. 

The Journey through Canada is fairly scenic and the roads are not overly congested. You also will find many information stations and Large Truck Stops to help you along the way. 

We make another stop along the way to Peggy’s Cove another beautiful little fishing village and spend a few hours checking out the shops and walking the rocks along the lighthouse . 

These rock formations are made mostly of granite.

Time to finish our journey to the Waterfront in Halifax and grab a bite to eat on the boardwalk. There are stores, pubs,hotels,restaurants,and museums all in walking distance . 

There are many boats you can go aboard or ride around the harbor including Theodore the tugboat.  There a several different bus tours available as well . We took a city tour that lasted about 2 1/2 hours and showed us the Shipping ports and the various historic buildings.  Eventually we went to The Fairlawn Cemetery where many of the  bodies from the Titanic disaster are buried.


We  also visited the Citadel that rests on the very top of the hill in Halifax. You can walk , we did but be prepared for a steep climb. The entry fee is reasonable and you can tour on your own or with a group. They have Drill Demonstrations, Rifle and Cannon Firing Demonstrations, Sentry Changes and much more. There is also an Army Museum and WWI Exibit.

That is all for today’s adventures, I will continue again in a few. Want your own adventure let me know.  

Charlestown …. Continued 

Your virtual ride through the streets of historical Charleston .



Charleston, an old city with lots of history not all pretty. This is the beginning in a short series, more to follow next week. One way to quickly learn and see many things Downtown is by Horse Drawn Carriage.


I prefer The Palmetto Company , their animals are treated well and their drivers are knowledgeable. Because of the City Regulations , only a certain number of Carriages are allowed on the street at any given time. In order to keep this fair between the companies a type of lottery system is used, that also designates the route the carriage will take.

No matter where you are taken you will certainly find places to return to on your own time. We walked all over the city and the waterfront area also known as The Battery is pretty with a large fountain and pier to walk along. image image

The dark side of the city encourages people to seek out ghostly adventures, we toured the Old City Jail, it became out dated over the years and was extremely overcrowded. image  image There are Ghost Walks, Graveyard Tours and many Culinary Tours.

Another favorite it The Old City  Market now selling a large variety of wares, the best being hand crafted items such as seagrass baskets. The Confederate Museum Built in 1841 and is housed above The City Market.


The Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon also known as the Custom House was opened in 1767 it housed prisoners in the Dungeon under horrible conditions.

Another important piece of History is The Powder Magazine where all the gun powder was stored ( except for a short time when it was hidden behind a false wall in the Provost Dungeon)

If you are looking for a place to stay there are many places on the outer edge of town that offer transportation into the city. Downtown has several Bed & Breakfasts or other High End Hotels if cost is not an issue.

Cooperstown On Tap

Who is planning on visiting Cooperstown? October 10th 2015 you will find Cooperstown on Tap


Cooperstown on Tap on Main Street in Cooperstown – Between Pioneer & Fair Street! Saturday, October 10th from 5pm to 8pm with VIP beginning at 4pm. This three hour premium event will showcase over 150 releases from some of America’s best craft breweries! Attendees will sample beers in an atmosphere filled with live music, delicious food available for purchase, and great vendors. VIP tickets are $50 and include an extra hour of sampling beginning at 4pm, a souvenir tasting glass and access to rare Ommegang beers! General Admission tickets are $35 and include 3 hours of sampling and a souvenir tasting glass! Must be 21 years or older VIP – $50.00 General Admission – $35.00

Cost: 35.00 to 50.00

We also have a new business this year called HOP ON Tours aboard the ” Beerslayer” 18 passenger bus check our website

There a dozens of reasons to visit. It’s not just Baseball, Beautiful Otsego Lake waiting on the fog to burn off,wpid-wp-1432913685649.jpeg , Ommegang Brewery, Council Rock Brewery, The Cooperstown Distillery, The Historic Otesaga Resort Hotel, The Farmers Museum , Glimmerglass Opera just to name a few. Cooperstown is centrally located in Upstate New York. Before beginning our day we must stop for coffee at Stage Coach Coffee Roasters.

wpid-wp-1432898609800.jpegYou can see the actual process of roasting the beans.

If you want to take photos your best option is between 7:00-8:00 am, this little tour around town for all of these took about 5 minutes. At this hour of the day you are nearly alone on the street and the paid parking is not valid at that hour.wpid-wp-1432899902151.jpeg

There are many good places to eat, everything from quick bites to gourmet meals .wpid-wp-1432898638476.jpeg

 Cooperstown has tons of History; it is the birthplace of James Fennimore Cooper.wpid-wp-1432898643585.jpeg  For a spooky evening adventure how about a ghostly tour with Cooperstown Candlelight Ghost Tours.

The Basball Hall of Fame

The Basball Hall of Fame

It’s never to early to start planning for next years trip. Most repeat visitors for the really special events have standing reservations making space for newcomers very limited.


Travel, Vacation, Holiday what ever you may call it. What does it mean to you?
Time to enjoy family and friends, or relax and see the world. Vacation means different things to different people but one thing is a constant “It’s WORK.”
Have you ever sat down and figured out how much time you spend looking for places to go and places to stay. Then more time on how to get there and how to pay for it. And “LADIES” we know in addition to all that research we also have to pack for our children and that includes the “Big Ones.”
On average according to several different research companies prospective travelers spend between 46 and 60 hours minimum, researching before they travel. Do you have that much time to waste? If you do are you sure you found Reputable places to spend your hard earned money.
I spent a lot of time over the years doing just that. I decided to go in to Business as a Travel Planner and have obtained connections with the Top Companies in the Industry that use only Vetted suppliers to insure your satisfaction. So take the WORK out of your vacation and let me do the planning for you.
Check out my website and have a look around, there are answers to lots of questions and many travel options. When you are ready email me or just sign up for email blasts on specialized travel locations you may be interested in at a later date.

Upcoming Adventure

I will be heading out in a few days. Join me for an adventure in the North East part of Canada on the way to St  Andrews and then to Saint John , New Brunswick.

Niagara Falls

wpid-wp-1434632372933.jpegOften a group of us head up to Ontario to Niagara Falls. I guess we should feel fortunate that this wonderful site is so nearby. We usually stay at the Holiday Inn on Murray St. since it is within walking distance of the Falls , offers free parking and the Skylon is in the back yard. If you are there on Friday or Sunday you will get a fireworks show, either ask for a room with a balcony on the back of the building or head over to the casino and take advantage of there back patio.wpid-wp-1434740951272.jpeg

Food in the area is ridiculously priced, even a boring Hamburger will set you back $18.95 (or $ 15.44 US) before tax,tip and drinks.

If you plan on visiting alot of different attractions it pays to get a pass and also to ride the bus. Parking is another huge cost, most lots are a minimum of $ 20 even if its only for a short time.

If you’ve read my blog before you know I love Breweries. There is a new one Niagara Brewing it is on Clifton Hill.

The staff was very friendly and they have alot more planned for the future. It was only the first week they were open so we were only able to try four of there brews. You can also buy cans of some of there beer as well as growlers.





Don’t forget your passport.

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