More Air Travel Tips


Where are you flying to? What is the climate? Do your research on one of the many weather web sites to see the current weather and the past historic weather for your time of travel so you can pick the proper wardrobe. At least several days in advance sort your chosen clothes in piles grouped by color. This will give you a sense of reality. If you did a good job you should be able to easily interchange tops and bottoms to create many different outfits keep in mind shoes as well. My husband wears a size 13 his shoes take up a ton of space and really add a lot of weight to the suitcase so beware if you are paying for baggage. If the climate is unpredictable layers are great. Buy an inexpensive luggage scale it is worth it. Also check out Baggage Battles for some other helpful tips. If you like to fill you carry on with snacks be careful with the peanut butter. I was on a flight that we were prohibited from opening anything peanut related that included the in flight snack (peanut butter crackers) there was a highly allergic child on board. Sounds crazy but it happens so have a backup if you can’t survive the trip without food.

The Airport

Visit the web site of the Airports you will be visiting. Print their maps being sure to locate the incoming and outgoing locations of your Airlines. This will cut down on the stress of getting from one place to another especially if you are running late. Also locate food, baggage claim and transportation areas if applicable. I use a highlighter to make things stand out. I also use labeled envelopes for each airport with my tickets and any transportation confirmations to keep better organized. Remember if you are in need of a drink or food wait until after you clear security then anything you purchase you can take with you on the plane.

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