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Canyon Ranch Wellness


Here, you’ll find an inviting and supportive space to energize and navigate your own wellness. Dine on locally-sourced cuisine, challenge yourself with kettle bells or dance class. Relax in saunas, steam rooms and whirlpools. Take in the beauty of nature on guided outings. Feel tension melt in a signature massage or ayurvedic treatment.

Choose a curated experience pathway and meet with experts in medicine, exercise, nutrition, or spirituality working together to help you achieve optimal health. Or just be here, to begin your new path to wellness among the healing mountains.

New laws require a 14-day quarantine for guests arriving to Massachusetts. Please review the most recent state travel orders for more details on the rule and its exceptions, or feel free to contact us with questions.

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Escape to our fabulous Massachusetts resort.

The beauty of the Berkshires has nourished generations of artists and poets. Now write your own story of renewal.

Choose daily from refreshing spa, wellness and fitness activities. A day may begin with yoga and end with canoeing toward a lakeside sunset. Or, go snowshoeing in the hush of a winter morning. Savor meals that make you wild for healthy cooking, everything from lobster to tiramisu. Discover fresh wonders at our all-energizing, all-inclusive health resort in Lenox – where every trail leads to the best in you.

Want to know more ? As a part of Virtuoso I can customize your escape.


We miss you, stay safe.

The Let’s Go There campaign is a new industrywide effort to inspire Americans to do what is exciting, safe and productive: make plans to travel. 

Developed by the Let’s Go There Coalition, the goal of the campaign is to reignite America’s sense of wanderlust and encourage travelers to look ahead at their next getaway—whenever the time is right. 

The Let’s Go There, Soon iteration of the campaign heavily emphasizes inspiration as a precursor of planning, with a focus on future travel. Destinations who are currently unable to market out of state—or discouraged from marketing at all—should be able to join the larger campaign through this messaging.

For more information about the Let’s Go There campaign, visit To learn about the Let’s Go There Coalition, visit or contact with questions.

Are you feeling cooped up? Make a list of your biggest concerns.

  • Flying
  • Staying in a Hotel
  • Eating out
  • Being around other people
  • Leaving the US
  • Being quarantined
  • Overall Safety

Once you have organized your concerns it is easier to make a customized plan for now or in the future. Follow along for ideas and reach out with questions.

Atouristlife Travel

Travel In Style with Friends

Remove the stress of planning a Trip and join us. Enjoy a Java along the water in Venice. Click on the Link Below and leave your details. Or follow our Facebook page for upcoming details on our next getaway.
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