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“It’s all about the Journey”

This has been my #Tagline since the beginning of my Blogging. Where ever we go it seems either something crazy happens or we share our travels with special people. Over the years we had a flight that was nearly cancelled due to serious mechanical issues. The flight with the mechanical issues was taking us to Seattle for a Cruise where our ship also was having mechanical issues. To continue the saga our return flight home we nearly missed because the bus driver got lost. We have been on several honor flights and flew with a famous Hockey Team. Since many of our trips take us to popular destinations of the rich and famous , the opportunity to see a celebrity always exists. Occasionally what starts out as a problem turns into a great adventure to never forget. That is the fuel that feeds the thirst for travel and need to seek out the unknown. Does all of this sounds good to you , it’s time to plan you adventure. If International travel is not for you, there are plenty of spectacular things to see and do in the United States.


Blog blues

cruise 2013 2014-02-09 023I can see how people get discouraged writing a blog. I usually have no problem finding things to write about or how I want it to look. I have issues when I make adjustments to the design or theme. There needs to be a way to save all of your designs so if you don’t like the new creation you can just go back. I spend hours tweaking things and then if I find a new theme to try have to start all over again since the content does not convert. An even bigger challenge is the internet connection and getting the admin site to work. Sometimes simple it’s best, I preferred the look of my very first design.šŸ˜Ÿ

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