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How to Plan a Cruise

A cruise is truly a reasonable way to see the World. You always know where you are sleeping, unpack once and you will not starve or go thirsty. My first suggestion is to find out where you want to go and contact your travel agent for help with the planning . After you choose your location you will be given a few options for dates depending on what time of year it is. The farther away the date is, the less expensive the cost will be. Using an Agent may offer you additional amenities.  Now get started booking that journey. Our first cruise was to Alaska and when I booked it, the beginning of May was the most reasonably priced. I did shop around to other Cruise Lines but for our needs Carnival was the better price and we were able to get a balcony for the cost of an interior cabin at their competition. I have also been to Alaska in September, I often hear inexperienced travelers say they were told late Summer is the best time to visit, personally I disagree. The Glaciers and snow is what makes Alaska, to me summer is similar to home. I like the early spring when the animals are just coming out of hibernation and the snow in the Mountains is still deep. Some cruise lines are known for hosting mostly older passengers, some younger but there really are only a few companies that own many different brands. Nearly everything is included in your cost (except alcohol) some companies sell add on packages for that also. You will have to pay extra for whatever Excursions you choose with Carnival but some companies do have more inclusive packages. I wanted to have all of our expenses paid so we would not need a lot of cash or extra money so I pre paid for all of our excursions and gratuities (a daily charge per person per room) With Carnival they have a special price (Early Saver Rate) that allows you to make changes to your booking if you need to.  Lower floors can be near engine rooms and upper levels just below a night club so be sure to ask me for help. Once booked you will have a special link to check the web site directly for details on baggage restrictions, port directions, transportation  options and things like dress code. Also you will need a passport, we were able to just purchase a new passport card it is only good for LAND and SEA travel NO AIR but it is less expensive. Either way you need to start the process months in advance. If you plan your cruise with me I will be sure you have all the necessary details. 

It is a good idea to arrive to the Port’s City a day in advance in case you have flight delays so you will not miss your cruise. When you book your flight to leave be sure it is later afternoon if it is on the day you debark. Even though the ships usually dock very early in the morning there are some times delays getting off the ship and collecting luggage.

  • Get your Passport and start saving your pennies
  • Choose a Destination and Date / do the research and your Travel Planner will help choose a Cruise Line for your style
  • Select a Cabin and read all the FAQ  Insurance is usually a good idea to add to protect your investment
  • Select a Hotel and transportation for the Airport and Cruise port
  • Your Agent can help you Buy Airline tickets or alternate transportation
  • Pick your excursions and check the weather for the time of travel
  • Notify your bank and credit card company of your travel dates
  • Keep a well-organized binder , your agent can help you with lists for Packing and much more


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