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Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

This is a post from a while back. I am reposting because the Dominican People need our help. Many of you now know how the Stories from several months ago were inaccurate. If you want to read the truth for your own peace of mind visit Many of the people lost their Jobs as the Tourism dwindled. Tourism is the main source of Income and has a major effect on the economy.

I love to visit new places and people and learn first hand about other cultures. Traveling by cruise ship is a simple way to do this. Many may choose the candy coated version but I like to venture out and see things for what they are.

If you like jewelry Amber and Larimar are both very prevalent here. There are museums dedicated to them.

With that in mind it surprises me how many people choose here to visit for long vacations. I found the majority of people we interacted with unfriendly and not wanting to bother with tourists.

We still enjoyed our time, the first day at a resort being pampered on the beach. If you never left this little bit of paradise your golden.


The following day we visited La Romana this area exists because of shell oil and Paramount Pictures. Several movies have been filmed here along the river , Rambo , Predator , Anaconda and more.

Also overlooking the Charon River is the Village of Altos de Chavon with many cobblestone pathways leading to the Archeological Museum , and The Famous School of Design. The Church of St. Stanislaus Consecrated in 1979 Pope John Paul II sent the ashes of Poland’s patron saint, St. Stanislaus , and a hand carved statue to commemorate the church’s inauguration .

Many famous movie stars have been married here as well as held there receptions in the courtyard.

The Amphitheater, inaugurated in 1982 by Frank Sinatra has since hosted dozens of famous performers such as Sting, Elton John, Marc Anthony , Andrea Bocelli, Julio Iglesias and many more. Today this theatre is still a very important part December 30th, 2016 Enrique Iglesias performs.

Next we continue on to Bonaire and the salt flats. This was a very beautiful view from the ship with clear blue waters and colorful surroundings. During our journey, especially when we find a location we may want to return to , we asked about the crime among other things. We were told the crime is relatively low (relative to what I wonder as all of the businesses had bars on their windows.)




One of my favorite summer trips is Burlington Vermont. Much of Vermont I find boring.  vermont 037

Our first day trip there was to Bennington area where they make pottery. This was a very long drive and unless you are an antique enthusiast not much else to see. I knew there were a lot of Breweries in Vermont so I kept looking until I found a spot I liked. Burlington is a college town most of the year. The first time we stayed at the Holiday Inn, a reasonable priced hotel off 89 just a mile out-of-town. There is a mall just across the street if you need something to eat or want to kill time.
Take a couple of hours and head out to Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream and Cabot Creamery they belong to co ops and believe in supporting their local farmers. Unfortunately they’re in the middle of nowhere but its Vermont and everything is.   image
Let’s head back down town, you will pass through the college along the way. I suggest printing a parking map ahead of time; a lot of the streets are one way. Parking is paid mostly but it depends on what day of the week it is. On the weekends there is a huge farmers market.
vermont 030                               Along the streets in the center of town are lots of cute shops. There are many choices of food with outdoor dining to. Usually you will also find street performers. It reminds me of Seattle on a much smaller scale and cleaner. Mostly everyone walking is accompanied by a dog. Near the waterfront you will find bicycle paths and a place to rent bikes also a beach and a few seafood restaurants. Lake Champlain is a big attraction with the Lake Monster. There are several options for cruising the lake as well as a ferry up at Grand Isle that crosses to Plattsburg New York.
There never seems to be enough days to hit more than one brewery at a time so I decided to sign up for the Brew Bus. There are several tour options, some include food. We were picked up at our hotel (Holiday Inn Express) and we went to three breweries and two pubs. It was a long night; it was good we had a ride. There are over 29 breweries in Vermont. This is the best way to see a lot of them at once if you are planning to taste along the way. Lake Champlain Chocolates has a free tour at the factory at the edge of town, samples are included.
Whatever your interest, I am sure you can find something fun to do.

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