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Niagara Falls

wpid-wp-1434632372933.jpegOften a group of us head up to Ontario to Niagara Falls. I guess we should feel fortunate that this wonderful site is so nearby. We usually stay at the Holiday Inn on Murray St. since it is within walking distance of the Falls , offers free parking and the Skylon is in the back yard. If you are there on Friday or Sunday you will get a fireworks show, either ask for a room with a balcony on the back of the building or head over to the casino and take advantage of there back patio.wpid-wp-1434740951272.jpeg

Food in the area is ridiculously priced, even a boring Hamburger will set you back $18.95 (or $ 15.44 US) before tax,tip and drinks.

If you plan on visiting alot of different attractions it pays to get a pass and also to ride the bus. Parking is another huge cost, most lots are a minimum of $ 20 even if its only for a short time.

If you’ve read my blog before you know I love Breweries. There is a new one Niagara Brewing it is on Clifton Hill.

The staff was very friendly and they have alot more planned for the future. It was only the first week they were open so we were only able to try four of there brews. You can also buy cans of some of there beer as well as growlers.





Don’t forget your passport.

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