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Understanding The Future of Travel

Until a reliable Vaccine is available to the World we must adjust. Travel has made many changes to evolve through this Pandemic. I have out lined several things you should know.



Travel on a budget…

Most of us fall into this category. If you like a bargain avoid the urge to be your own Travel Agent.  Why use an Agent, Advisor, Planner?  We are up to date on what really is open and what safety measures are being taken. We are here for you in the middle of the night. Does a live person answer your call from that online site ? We sit on hold for hours getting you answers and making changes so you can continue on with your plans.

We can advise you on cancellation policies and what is your best option.

Many online booking sites have pre-loaded inventory which can allow a purchase on Unavailable Hotels and Resorts etc.

Online deals look good until you add in the fees and added charges to the bottom line.

Planning now for a better trip next year can still be exciting and may alleviate the need to change plans several times. If you can’t wait, do your homework and visit the CDC website.

Do not plan on leaving the US 48, you want to have the option to drive home if something prevents Airline Travel again. Be sure your Passports are Valid; no offices are open. When they do re open the backlog will be tremendous.

If you do book something on your own, know that no matter the situation a refund is unlikely. Cancellations from flight issues and CDC regulations are to be expected. Do not buy basic economy. Enroll in the STEP traveler program.

One of the best parts of a Vacation is often the food, but most places are still only allowed take out.  Hotels and Resorts have other limitations as well, pools and spas may be closed. You can not always see these things online.

Certified Travel Agents like myself, offer reliable companies that have created special policies during this crisis that allows for the unexpected so you can make changes at the last minute without fear of totally losing your hard-earned money.

Endless Budget…

If you do plan to leave the Country, do you have a reliable person to care for your home for an extended period of time? Most destinations are requiring a Quarantine period by visitors that is an added expense you will pay for. If there is a sudden increase in new Corona Cases causing another Border disruption, repatriation flights may be weeks or months away. Since this is all part of the Pandemic, Insurance does not cover most of these situations. This costly process again falls on the traveler.

Cruise on…

Later this fall as the Cruise Industry starts, clients that have rebooked from previously cancelled trips will be enjoying some great perks they received for their troubles. This is one industry where your being stuck in quarantine although still uncomfortable would not be costing you extra for room and board or even food like a land-based trip. Keep that in mind if you do not have an endless budget but wish to leave the country.

Who ever you choose remember local Businesses are the ones supporting other local Businesses. They are the ones everyone asks for help and donations. They care about you and your community.

Travel is sharing…… customs, music, food, entertainment, life, and understanding. 






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