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Why Travel?

Many people have never travelled. If that is you, “Why travel?” you asked. To quote my tagline… “It’s all about the journey”. Start small, and venture out of your comfort zone. Take a road trip to a nearby attraction and along the way take in your surroundings. What makes the location different? Are the houses the same? Do people have a different accent? What makes the area unique? What makes it similar?

Often, leaving makes you appreciate your home more. Sometimes however you will get the bug to travel. It starts out small. Before I started as a travel planner, I never had left the country. I have travelled all over the U. S. and Canada and actually flying is not my favourite thing. That doesn’t hold me back any longer sinse I got the cruising bug. I will fly anywhere, anytime to get to a ship. If you follow any news stories you will see there is no lack of entertainment on flights. I am not referring to the movie or snacks. That is exactly what I mean about the journey.

I cannot begin to explain, on many days when I’m learning about a new destination the combination of butterflies in my stomach and a restless leg and mind syndrome I encounter. I want to leap out of my chair and go, go, go.

There is a big world out there and truly understanding it takes work. We are all different and we are all the same.



Food, the one thing we can’t live without. I thought about adding a food Blog to my site but for now I think we will just have an occasional discussion instead. As a former owner of a business in a small town I can honestly say no matter how broke people were, booze and food they could find money for. Yes that was more important than the rent, don’t get me started.

I use to go out for lunch at least once a week. We always tried to go someplace different every time. My friend was a former cook and both of us had been servers. When I go out to eat I like a little atmosphere. I think lunch is a good way to sample restaurants since you should get nearly the same meal you would at dinner but without all of the added expense. We are more fair than most in our reviews because of our knowledge. I wish I could say there is a perfect place to eat; but if so I have yet to find it.

A good meal to me is made up of a lot of things. I want good fresh food, presented nicely (garnished or a variety of color) on a clean unchipped plate, served Hot or Cold  whatever it should be. I want pleasant wait staff that will at least make eye contact if you need something and are not covered in last weeks leftovers. I don’t think that is asking too much.

Pet peeves, salads with rotten lettuce, dirty dishes, no coffee refills, wait staff that drops off your food and comes back only to tell you they will bring your check not even asking if you want dessert, or you can’t get a check to pay in the first place. Carpets with more crumbs than a cake, tables that wobble and spill your drinks. Notice I did not even discuss the prices.

Accountability, a word that seems to be a thing of the past. We have a place nearby that just opened a few months ago. All of us were excited to see the menu, it looked great. The very first time we ordered ( all take out) our order was over an hour late and the chicken was like rubber. The flavors were wonderful so we decided to give them another chance. Next we had a salad that looked like the boxes were dropped. The stuff that was supposed to be decorating the top of the salads was all on the bottom of the pile of lettuce. The smells of this place come in through our doors and windows from there char-broiler and make us hungry. One more chance…. we got soup and found hair in it. Okay I am finished. People are still giving them mostly rave reviews. We have decided that takeout orders should be banned, they obviously can not multi task. I would not hold that against them but it needs to be recognized before I will give it another chance.






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