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Seattle Series part 2


Fifteen minutes later the Pilot makes another announcement to tell us we can get off the plane. There was a problem with one of the thrusters. The airport does not have their own repair crew so it would be a while for a crew to show up with the parts. By now I am beginning to wonder if someone is trying to tell me something. I forgot to mention the reason we are going to Seattle is for a cruise which we were also notified had mechanical troubles and would not be going to all of our scheduled ports. Most of us get off the plane. I am very concerned. I have been around planes my father was a pilot and to me this is a serious repair. I tried to get the airlines to send us on another flight. We have a connecting flight and it is looking like we will miss it. No luck, we are told we should be there on time.

Finally we all get back on the plane and safely arrive in Baltimore nearly two hours past our scheduled arrival time. Even though I had my Airport map we were left off at a different gate the signs in that Airport are not clear. We headed the wrong direction and had to turn around. Finally we arrive at the correct gate where the plane is already half loaded. Again we had priority boarding but it did us no good. I am especially tired of seeing people roll up in a wheel chair or push the chair full of bags to get the best seat. Then, they arrive and run off the plane leaving the chair behind practically knocking over everyone on the way. We will be landing at SEA TAC soon. I hope our ride got the update that our arrival is going to be late there also. ( To be Continued….)Alaska Cruise 002

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