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The Aftermath

Black Friday….. no, Thanksgiving Thursday. I know this subject is a little out of character for my blog but I felt the need to share. I have been Black Friday Shopping in the past, but this is the first year I went to Walmart Thursday after dinner. It was a scramble to get through dinner , dessert and put away the leftovers so we could head to the store. We went out to the car, it was warm , no snow and it was still daylight. Shortly after we arrived at the store ,we each went a different direction to obtain a wristband for our desired items. Now we have another forty-five minutes until we can start filling our carts so we just start visiting with random strangers while we wait. 6 PM and we’re off , back to the place we started to trade our wristband for the item. Now I can’t see over my cart since it is full of two televisions. I headed back around to pick up a few more items squeezing through the isles. I made my way to the front to pay and sent that load to the car. I headed back in with a little basket to pick up a few more things. Not having  a cart made getting around much easier.

The point of this story is Walmart and other stores that opened on Thanksgiving have taken a lot of grief for choosing to do so. I want you all to know that my experience was a very positive one. I did not hear a single cross word or complaint from anyone. People were patient with each other and helping each other. The employees seemed super excited to be there , a lot of them in our area need that overtime to afford their own holiday shopping. Maybe this was a fluke or the result of everyone being in a Turkey comma. Maybe it’s because they just finished a day of feeling Thankful, whatever it is I think it will be our ” New Tradition.”

St Andrews

Quaint little village in New Brunswick with alot of little shops. The best part, they don’t charge for parking.




You can go whale watching, fishing, there’s an aquarium and lots of other things to see and do.

Florida West Coast North

There are many things to do in Florida; a lot depends on how you arrived and where you will be. I love Disney but there are many things to do near Orlando and several of the parks will offer transportation from Orlando International included. If you are a little more adventurous and don’t mind driving there is a lot to do on the West Coast. Let’s begin up near Crystal River you can swim with the manatee and there is wonderful fishing in both fresh and salt water. It is a much slower pace up there and the people are mostly local or lifelong transplants. There are also a lot of wonderful wildlife parks that are trying to preserve the local habitat. They are state-run and survive mostly on donations. My favorite is in Homosassa, Ellie Schiller Wildlife Park. I loved it as a kid it was privately owned  then. They use to have a big machine that you put quarters in and it created an alligator out of hot wax. It had closed for a few years until the State took over. My favorite animal was the Hippopotamus. I was excited when I discovered he was the same one that was always there named Lu. I liked the monkeys too but apparently no one else did so they were removed. Lucky for me they did not go far they now live on Monkey Island just around the corner at Riverside Resort.

Homasassa 2013 2013-11-06 002

After you have visited all the wonderful little shops and bars along the way, head south down 19 to Weeki Wachee. This is another old-time Florida favorite. The claim to fame are the underwater singing Mermaids, they also have a lot of birds and wildlife. Travel on 19 can get a bit nerve-wracking it is stop and go traffic but plenty to eat and buy along the way. Another all time favorite is Tarpon Springs sponge docks. Here you can take a cruise out to pick shells or learn about the sponge divers. Greek food is also plentiful and the best. When you are full, walk off your meal by shopping. My best guess is there are over 50 little souvenir shops in the short quarter-mile strip. Before you head home go to Hellas and take home dessert. Now we are about halfway down the coast so if you are thinking it is time to stop for the night we found a really nice place. Residence Inn Tampa ( its in Lutz ) it is clean and they are all very friendly. This hotel offers free breakfast and several evening get togethers offering complimentary horsd’oeuvres and drinks. There is also a nearby Flea Market on Fri , Sat & Sundays if you are a bargain hunter. Look for a later post on things to do from here to the Southern end of the state.

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