Wish I was there Wednesday 

Things to do in Seattle

I think it is obvious I that I have an odd fondness for Seattle. The first time I visited I was amazed how easy it was to get around. You can walk almost anywhere or easily catch a bus. First ask your hotel concierge for a city map and the best way to navigate it is UPSIDE DOWN no that is not a misprint. If you head downhill you will get to Pikes Market and the Waterfront. A lot of the buses are free just check the map and either go up a block or two or down. We usually pick a hotel that has a free shuttle and when we are tired at the end of the day we call them to pick us up. So lets head to the famous Pikes Market and see the fish mongers and their flying fish. Then we will head down stairs to a lot of interesting little shops. While you are down there find the Gum wall and then head to the section with crafters and farm stands. When you leave the market head left and find the First Starbucks and Beechers Cheese. There is also a real hidden gem a chowder house down the back alley. If you are not comfortable wandering around and sampling free goodies on your own, savorseattletours is a fun way to see the best tastes and get some discounts for future purchases. On your way back up the hill stop off at The Westlake Center it is a mall and that is where you can catch the Monorail to The Space Needle, The Pacific Science Center or The Experience Music Project ( Memorabilia on Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix and many other great performers). Be sure to check the hours before you head over. Now lets head over to Pioneer Square on the bus. When you arrive check out the Bronze Statues of the Firefighters or walk around the block to the Gold Prospectors Museum its Free.

Smith Tower on 2nd ave. proves to be a great view of the city, many say it is as  good as the Space Needle. Just a block over on 3rd is Salumi  owned and operated by Mario Batali’s family. It is easy to find just look for the line of people around the block. Stop off at Waterfall Garden before wandering back over to Pioneer Park. If you have time check out the underground tour it is all about the burning of the city of Seattle.  You are also pretty close to China Town but I recommend taking a guided tour like Jakes Private Eye Tours.  Jake is a wonderful host and even thought the tours are of a Ghostly nature she drives you all over the city and beyond. You may never run out of things to do. Be sure to bring your rain gear, but if you should forget it head over to REI it is an adventure all of its own you have to see it to believe it.

Additional recommendations for your travel needs…

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